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Emergency Maintenance

For After Hours Maintenance Emergencies, Call (251.283.0101)

Emergencies Include

  • Fire
  • No Electricity or Water (non-payment of service not included)
  • No A/C when the outside temperature is above 86 degrees (any calls received after 8 PM will be followed up the next day).
  • No heat when the temperature is below 40 degrees 
  • Clogged commode if the unit only has one bathroom
  • Gas Leaks
  • Water leaks that have the potential to cause damage if not addressed immediately

In the case of crime or fire, notify local law enforcement authorities prior to contacting management office or emergency maintenance. 

Fire Department

Police Department

If emergency maintenance staff responds to a call and determines that it is non-emergency (not listed or described above), a $75 charge will be assessed.

Non-emergency - Maintenance will not respond after-hours to the following: 

  • Lockout service or lock repairs involving residents' personal locks
  • Sink, basin, or bathtub stoppages
  • Toilet stoppages after 11:30 pm
  • Drain pope leaking (do not run water through the pipe)
  • Refrigerators that are out of order
  • Installation of fuses or resetting a circuit breaker
  • Toilet tanks that are out of order
  • Stove ticking
  • Stoves, water lines, electricity, etc. previously shut down by the Fire Dept., Power Company, or Gas Company