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A Message from our Interim CEO

I am so glad you came to visit our site. I am Kimberly Levingston, the Interim Chief Executive Officer of the Housing Authority City of Prichard.

The Housing Authority of the City of Prichard was created in 1940 with the commitment to providing safe, sanitary, and affordable housing for low to moderate income citizens. Today, the Housing Authority continues to encourage economic independence and homeownership opportunities for its residents and program participants.

Our goal to always provide high-quality service and effective programs to uplift and inspire our residents and program participants to greater heights accompanied with the same zeal and enthusiasm. We believe our residents and program participants are very special and dear to us and we are truly humbled to be of service to them. We will continue to strive for better opportunities and self-sufficiency for our families. We are committed to maintaining an environment that meets these goals and we hope you find it to be so. Looking through our website you can find many tips such as how to apply for housing, tips about maintenance and how to contact staff. You can even pay your rent and complete annual recertifications online through the RentCafe portal.

Our programs generally change or modified due to the ever-changing HUD regulations and legislations. We encourage you to visit our website for the latest information about our programs and business opportunities.

We hope you feel at home with us!

Mrs. Kimberly Levingston
Interim Chief Executive Officer

Kimberly Levingston posing for a professional business photograph