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Supportive Services

The Housing Authority of the City of Prichard offers services for residents at Ridge Manor Apartments that allows them to remain independent and age in place. These services are intended to improve the quality of life for individuals 62 years of age and/or disabled. By providing educational and emotional support, our services create a well-rounded community.

How Does The Supportive Services Manager Help?

Financial Assistance

  • Assists families in enrollment with agencies that offer low to no cost for food, bus passes, phone service and other necessities.
  • Partners with professionals to assist families with budgeting and other financial issues.
  • Serves as an advocate for families in cases of billing errors and questions.
  • Coordinates assistance for families with debt problems.

Medical Assistance

  • Assists in enrollment of health care plans.
  • Identifies prescription drug benefit plans that offer low or no cost prescription medications.
  • Arranges for home health aides and coordinates medical equipment delivery and set up.
  • Organizes "wellness clinics" where health care providers come into the community and offer free blood pressure screening, cholesterol test etc.
  • Assist families in completing forms or obtaining necessary information regarding SSI/SSDI applications.
  • Provides resources and advocacy for changes in Medicare and Medicaid services.

Additional Services

  • Arranges and assists in finding homemaker assistance services, such as cleaning, cooking, and laundry
  • Coordinates grocery shopping services.
  • Connects families with counseling services.
  • Provides educational seminars on Elder Abuse, Domestic Violence, Bullying and other issues our seniors may face.

For more information contact or email Frewin Osteen, Supportive Services Coordinator.

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